Islands of Adventure Review – Why Visit Islands of Adventure During peak Season

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a theme Park based in Orlando, Florida, formerly known as Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. It opened in May 29, 1999, in preparation of the opening of the new Universal Studios theme park called Universal City. It was designed by Imagineers, who created the original Islands of Adventure as a recreation of the Caribbean. This is the second of the Islands of Adventure theme parks in Orlando. The other is the Islands of Adventure Resort located on the same section of Florida. Both Islands of Adventure feature water rides, roller coasters, the Hulk, Jaws, etc.

The majority of the guests at Islands of Adventure are children, but there are also many attractions for adults. In addition to these rides, there are many shows, game booths, food courts, shops, and gift shops. You will be able to see exotic lands like the Antilles, Spain, Greece, and Brazil on this tour.

Despite the fact that it is a family-oriented park, some of its features are not appropriate for small children. For example, the queue for the Iron Man ride can be very long for small children. It is best to visit Islands of Adventure during the off-season or to wait until it begins after New Year’s Eve. This way, you can avoid the queue. When in Orlando during the summer months, you will find that the majority of the activities are taking place outdoors, due to the warm weather.

Another reason to avoid Islands of Adventure during the peak summer months is the popularity of its sister parks, namely the Wet n Wild Water Park and the Magic Kingdom. Both of these parks draw a crowd of younger guests during the most active periods. If you do go to Islands of Adventure during the busy season, you may find it harder to get into either of these parks. For this reason, it would be better to take your family to another theme park during the off-season or plan to visit Islands of Adventure on a weekday instead of a weekend.

Another reason to avoid Islands of Adventure is the lackluster food choices. The themed food options at the resort resemble those offered at other Universal Studios Orlando attractions. The choice of food is so basic – burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and soda – that you would feel cheated if you took advantage of the opportunity to indulge for once. In addition, the menu lacks imagination. The choices include the same traditional themed items as all other themed Universal Studios attractions, such as pizza, nachos, or the Chicken Striped Cabbage salad.

If you decide to visit Islands of Adventure during peak summertime, it is also best to book your hotel early. Advance booking ensures that you will have room rates lowered to give you the lowest hotel rates throughout the Magic Kingdom and Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. If you book early, you will also have room rates that are lower than other guests, which often includes upgraded theme park admission tickets. There is really no reason not to visit Islands of Adventure during peak season, except for the somewhat below-par food and ambiance. If you are able to stomach the ambiance, though, the ride is still worth the fifteen minute wait.

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