How to Choose the Best Camping Chairs

Lead Reviewer Elizabeth Paashaus and Senior Editor Nick Belcaster both have extensive camping chair experience to truly appreciate its comfort. Both can appreciate that an ideal chair should strike a balance between comfort, packability and usability.

Weight and portability may not be the top priorities when purchasing camping chairs, but these specs still play an essential role when picking an investment-grade seat that will stand the test of time.


No matter if it’s after an adventurous day of hiking or simply relaxing at your campsite with friends, comfort should always come first when choosing your chair. Make sure it has a wide base that won’t sink into soft ground or tip when moving and features an ergonomic seat padded enough to support both back and butt.

Some chairs, like the Kelty Lowdown Camping Chair, feature an adjustable footrest that can be tailored to how you like to lounge. Others, such as REI Co-op Camp X Chair, allow users to adjust the angle of their chair back through a pin system so that you can find a position most supportive. We also looked for chairs with features designed specifically to cater to different body types, adjustable armrests and headrests as these features can make all the difference for long periods of sitting time in their chairs – some even come equipped with headrests!


How often you plan to use your camping chair will play a factor in its durability. Steel-framed chairs tend to be stronger against repeated exposure to the elements while aluminum frames may not. Fabric material also plays a part; nylon and mesh fabrics tend to tear more easily than ripstop options.

Campers looking for portable chairs should consider an adjustable recline chair like the GCI Freeform Zero Gravity Chair. You can easily change between sitting upright or lying down, with yellow locks on either side keeping your desired recline level secure.

Big Agnes Stargaze chair is another ultralight option available, weighing less than one pound and folding down into its carrying case – perfect for ultralight backpackers who wish to save space. Unfortunately it does not feature cup holder capability – perfect for saving precious luggage space.

Weight Capacity

Are You Watching the Sunset from a Beach or Attending a Football Game? Want a Chair that Will Provide Stability and Durability? We searched for chairs with sturdy frames, padded seats and backs, smart features such as insulated cup holders.

Our top pick, the Kijaro Dual Lock chair is an impressively sturdy chair that’s easy to set up quickly and use. It features an extra-large arm wrap which doubles as a footrest, as well as two shoulder straps to carry it easily.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong and YETI Trailhead Chair both boast among the highest weight capacities we’ve tested, thanks to their strong steel frames and 600-denier fabric construction, adjustable reclining settings for campers of any height, easy bungee cord towing capabilities and large puck-sized feet for stability on uneven surfaces.


Those who regularly camp can benefit from purchasing sturdy camping chairs that can withstand repeated use and the elements. Consider investing in quality materials such as aluminum or steel frames with rust-proof coating, reinforced stitching, and durable fabrics.

Camping chair features that many campers consider essential are high backs for extra support or recline options that allow them to recline. While additional features might increase the price tag of one particular model, they often make it worth their while for many campers.

Additional considerations when judging the value of a camping chair include its portability and weight. Some models fold down into small carrying cases or can even be fastened onto backpacks for convenient transport between campgrounds and activities – something especially appreciated by backpackers and other avid campers who weigh every ounce they bring along with them.

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