Uncovering Hidden Gems Off the Beaten Path

Discovering hidden gems in popular destinations is an effective way to avoid crowds and create authentic experiences. By venturing off the beaten path, you may come across local markets or historic landmarks that will add depth and authenticity to your visit.

Ethiopia offers breathtaking landscapes, delectable tibs (grilled meat tips) and injera, the fluffy bread made from teff flour that are sure to please visitors. All three attractions make Ethiopia worth your while.


Iceland is widely known for its breathtaking waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, and spectacular northern lights, but there are countless lesser-known gems just as captivating that are hidden gems to discover if you want an escape from crowds and to find peace and serenity. These unheralded destinations can help provide just that experience!

Gljufrabui Canyon is an unmissable hidden gem. This dramatic gorge features hexagonal basalt columns weathered over time with vibrant turquoise water running through. If you are visiting, don’t miss it – visit Gljufrabui Canyon today!

Seljavallalaug is another lesser-known gem of Iceland that deserves more exposure, featuring natural thermal waters for bathing while taking in views that appear photo-shopped! Soak in this pool’s natural thermal water while enjoying breathtaking riverside views that look photo-shopped!

Raudasandur Beach stands out with its red sand, in contrast to the more usual black. This beach is an excellent spot for watching puffins nest in burrows on this stretch of the coastline, and taking in breathtaking sights at Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon is one of Iceland’s premier natural wonders.

Northwest Territories

When people think of Canada, their first thought may be of stunning landscapes. Yet this vast country contains lesser-known spots that are equally captivating – places you shouldn’t miss!

Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest park in Northwest Territories and home to an endangered herd of Western Hemisphere’s largest land animal, as well as mind-boggling sand dunes, towering peaks, and ancient Inuit culture. A visit here offers unforgettable sights.

Few places offer as much wildness as the Northwest Territories. Here, the air of winter forest rejuvenates and soothes, you can gaze upon glacier lake in Nahanni National Park Reserve or witness bull caribou roam past your tent near Tuktoyaktuk – it’s possible to become lost in nature here without ever running into another human soul; even in Yellowknife (founded around 1930s gold rush), trails and canoe routes offer solitude.


Explore Crete’s hidden beauty on an adventure to uncover its breathtaking beaches, picturesque gorges and traditional villages, along with their ancient artifacts and historical remnants. If you want an escape from crowds or want a deeper understanding of Greece’s culture then these underrated destinations can give an authentic and memorable experience.

Visit Margarites for an oasis far removed from the usual tourist route. As time seems to stand still as you stroll the cobblestone streets admiring handmade pottery shops, authentic Cretan cuisine will tempt you as will an intimate encounter with its heritage.

Elafonisi Beach in Crete is an undiscovered treasure, offering visitors an intimate natural beauty spot and 16th-century monastery to discover along with a collection of icons, manuscripts and artifacts that provide insight into its spiritual heritage. If visiting during shoulder months you’ll likely have it all to yourself!

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