Tips to choose the best backpacking stove

backpackingWhether you are camping with your family or friends or going on trekking, backpacking stoves would be of great use. You can find wide range of backpacking stoves that are now available for you in the market, but you need to know what you are exactly looking for and then make sure to choose the best suitable one. It would be great fun to enjoy cooking with your entire group while having fun with the backpacking stove. These stoves are usually very light in weight so that anyone can carry them. These are very comfortable and easy to be used by anyone. Usually when you go in to the woods, the open fires are prohibited as it might be a dangerous experience as there are chances of forest catching the fire. Though you might think of using the wood for cooking in the forest but due to scarcity of the wood and reduced trees it is always better go for a backpacking stove. Before choosing the stove you need to look at the backpacking stove reviews and choose the best backpacking stove.

Test Results and Ratings

If you are really interested to choose a good camping stove, you can have a look at the different varieties which are available in the market. The following are some of them.

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Flash PersonalThe Jetboil flash cooking system would be great fun to use especially when you go for specified outdoor adventures. This camping stove is a single piece, which comes along with the vessel to cook your food and the burner as well. So you just need to carry your food that has to be cooked and nothing else. You can cook up to 1 liter food in the cap. By pressing the button you can just light the system and it’s very easy to be used even while you are travelling. When you are looking for the best and safest cooking systems for your trip then flash cooking system is a good choice for you. As the cooking mug clips on to the burner it will prevent from any kind of spilling around the cooking area. It comes with a color changing indicator when the food is ready. So it would be very easy for you to find out when the cooking is done. It comes with an adjustable burner to use the flame effectively. This is one of the simplest and safest cooking systems which you can now find in the market.

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Solo Stove Wood Burning

solo stoveIf you are looking for a light weight, simple and easy to manage stove when you go for an adventure trip with your friends or family, then the solo wood burning backpacking stove is the right one. This is very compact and provides an eco- friendly usage. This will provide you with an efficient and complete burning. The best part of using this amazing stove is that it would provide you with the hot fire and reduced smoke and would use less gas when compared to the other stoves that you can see in the market. This stove is very affordable as you don’t need any petroleum gas and it just works on the twigs that you might collect during your trip. The stove will let you get the right amount of fire so that you can now cook your food within few minutes. This stove is best for any kind of emergency situations where you need to cook without any kind of fuel. So this is right stove for those who cannot afford the most expensive petroleum fuel while they cook in their adventurous trip. Another advantage of using this stove is that you can use and clean it easily.

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Esbit CS985HA 5-piece

Esbit CS985HAThe Esbit CS985HA 5 piece cooking set would best for trekking as it would be very light in weight and can be easily managed. This entire set comes with an alcohol beverage burner, a stand, a pot to cook along with a fuel base. The stove comes with adjustable flame and a foldable handle. It comes with a big pot and another small one which can be used as a lid as well. The burner can be sealed with a screw so that it can hold the fuel which it contains. Though the entire setup is strong it is very light in weight with an integrated pot and stove. When you use a windscreen while cooking on this type of stove, you can cook it very fast. The cooking set is very simple and easy to be used even by those who are new to the use of backpacking stoves. The fuel consumption in this stove is very low and hence you can save lot of money. Though only a small amount of fuel is consumed while cooking, it would give efficient amount of flame required to cook the food within a short period of time.

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MSR Reactor Stove

MSR ReactorThe MSR reactor stove comes with a 1.7 L container which is large enough to cook good amount of food when you are out for trekking. When you look at the stove it comes in a wonderful design that anyone would love to have. The best part of this stove is that it can be used for varying purposes. This is because it comes with the pressure regulator with the help of which you can now manage to get the flame in different conditions. The heat exchanger covers the glowing burner with the help of which it can even work in freezing temperatures as well. You can even cook with this kind of stoves at extreme altitudes where there is low oxygen in the air. This is one of the best backpacking stoves that you can find. This is a revolutionized stove which comes with all the best features that anyone would expect to have in their stove keeping the weight of it low. So it would be very easy to carry on your trips and is the best fuel efficient stoves when you are looking for the backpacking stoves that are available in the market.

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MSR Dragonfly Stove

MSR dragonfly stoveThe MSR dragonfly stove is an excellent stove if you want to go for different outputs for cooking, especially if you don’t want to get more flame. With the shaker jet it can clear any kind of blockages that it has in the stove. People those who want to cook on a regular basis can also go for this kind of stoves. This stove actually comes with a dual valve design which makes the stove so special. It comes with high quality flame control which you might not be able to find in any other stoves in the market. It helps you to cook excellently as it would come with wide container support. One of the best parts of using this kind of stoves is that it can be used with different fuels such as diesel, kerosene, white gasoline and much more. It is easy to fold and travel as well. The stove gives you best performance while cooking or boiling anything in your trip. This is very simple to be used by anyone and once you are done with the cooking process you can actually fold it small and can store in a small place.

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Solo Stove and Pot 900 Combo

Solo Stove and Pot 900If you are planning for hiking or trekking then the solo stove would be the best option which you might need to look for. This stove is one of the best products which you can find in the market which has won number of awards as well. It doesn’t need any kind of fuel and it just works with the use of wood. It comes with a double wall and is designed to meet the varying needs of the customers. This gives you excellent flame with a very low amount of smoke. So you might not feel any kind of discomfort while cooking with woods. When you own any of such stoves you need not waste your hard earned money on buying fuels. Here, all you need is some twigs, leaves and some pinecones so that you can now get the right amount of flame that you need to perform cooking in the best way. This is one of the simplest backpacking stoves that would boil water within few minutes. It is very light in weight and small and hence you would get more space in your backpack when you on for any kind of trip.

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Choose as per season and place of visit

When you are looking for the summer backpacking stoves you need to make sure to go for the canister or the integrated stove systems. The liquid fuels are best during winter or high elevation use. If you want to just boil the water then you can go for the integrated stove systems. The canister or the alternative fuel stove would be suitable for ultra light backpacking. If you are a large group of people who are going on trip then you can go for the liquid fuel stoves. For a gourmet camp cooking you can choose any model stove but with a controllable flame and with a stable base. If you are planning an international travel you can choose a multi-fuel stove.

So primarily before buying a backpack stove you need to know the various features and purpose of buying the stove, so that it would be easy for you to choose the right stove.

High simmering or low simmering

Some people might be in need of the backpacking stoves that can boil water rapidly and some might need the stove which has the simmering control option so that they can either increase or decrease the amount of flame that comes out. Usually most of the manufacturers of backpacking stoves do provide you with the approximate information about the time that their backpacking stoves would take to boil the water to a certain temperature. So depending on your requirement and necessity you can go through the backpacking stove reviews of the products that are now available in the market and choose the best backpacking stove that would come within your budget.

When you choose the integrated canister systems the water can be boiled at a faster period of time provided it uses minimal fuel and simmering of flame is also possible. The canister stoves can also be used for boiling of water and you can even simmer the flame. This is the best one when you are looking for a backpack stove for camping. When you go for the liquid fuel stoves these can boil the water even in very cold weathers and simmering can vary from model to model that you may choose. The alternative fuel stoves are primarily used for boiling but take more time for the same.

Number of people in the trip

Depending on the size of the camping group you need to choose the backpacking stove that would be useful in cooking for the entire group. If your group is small and less than 3 you can use a normal and small one burner stove which is enough to cook sufficient amount of food for your group. Now-a-days you can find number of models and sizes when you are looking for the backpacking stoves in the market.

Choice of fuel

You can even get a second stove if there are more number of people in your group and to make your cooking process much simpler and easier. Having just the right sized back packing stove is not enough. You need to make sure to have enough fuel that would be sufficient for your entire trip. So before you buy a type of fuel stove, understand which fuel would be easy for you to carry and manage and buy the stove that would use that kind of fuel. Before you buy a stove you can go through the manufacturer’s website where they will specify you with the details regarding the time for which the amount of fuel would last for.

If you are going for long trips then it’s always better to go for the fuel bottles that would last for a longer period of time. So based on your number of days of trip you can add as many fuel bottles as you need for your luggage. You should even look for the type of fuel that you may need while choosing a backpacking stove. There are two types of fuels which are used generally that include the liquid fuel or the gas canisters. The type fuel which you choose depends on the place where you would like to cook. Usually the gas canister stoves are the most commonly used ones as they are very easy to be used and handled.

Size and weight of the stove

Another important factor which you need to consider is the size and weight of the camping stove. If you don’t want to take heavy luggage then you can go for the simple and light weight backpacking stoves which are now available for you in the market. The budget which you can afford is to be considered, as price of backpacking stoves vary according to brands and models. So primarily set your budget which you would like to spend before buying the backpacking stove and then look for the various features which the stove has and make sure to choose the best backpacking stove that would meet all your needs.


If you are very particular about the stove you can even look for the boiling time of different stoves, the simmer ability and ease of use. If you would like to know more about the different backpacking stoves that you can find in the market you can even checkout the various online sources that can help you in buying the best backpacking stove.