Types of Adventure Tours

An adventure tour is a travel package that combines sightseeing with activities. Unlike mainstream tours, these are designed around a set itinerary. Typically, they pass through one or more countries and include trekking, cycling, kayaking, and cultural immersion. Most adventure tours operate with small groups of 16 or less people, making them ideal for people who like to be more independent. There are many advantages to becoming a tour leader, including the opportunity to travel in a small group.

There are several ways to make an adventure tour more meaningful and memorable. By joining a Community Travel Project, travellers can help rebuild a community after an earthquake. Some communities in Nepal, for example, desperately need healthy cook stoves. In addition to helping locals, travellers can help build a lasting impact in underprivileged communities. Some Adventure Tours even allow guests to participate in a construction project with local volunteers. The impact that these tours have on communities is truly incredible.

There are also many other types of adventure travel that can be considered “soft.” Many of these activities are suitable for children, as many leisure adventure travellers bring their children with them. If a tour involves kayaking, for example, you may want to consider a child-friendly tour. If you’re traveling with a family, you may want to choose a tour that offers accommodations with air conditioning and curtains so you can sleep soundly. You can find adventure tours in just about any part of the world.

If you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, choose a tour that combines many of these things. It may take a little bit of research to find the right adventure tour for you. Small tour operators often have loyal customers and are more credible. They also communicate safety and security issues to clients more effectively than large operators. And you’ll find many small-scale adventure tour operators using small-scale hotels and other accommodations. These smaller operators can afford to use less expensive, more private accommodations and they don’t need high occupancy rates. In short, the small-scale operators have a unique advantage that the big tour companies don’t.

Another type of adventure tour is soft adventure travel. These activities don’t involve extreme risk, but are less physically demanding and usually require guides. Soft adventure activities are more forgiving and don’t require a long commitment. These activities usually involve soft activities like hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and bird watching. You may also enjoy a safari or go on a guided birdwatching tour. If you prefer to spend less money on your adventure tour, consider a soft one.

In addition to the skills you need to become an adventure tour leader, you don’t need a degree to lead one. All you need are common sense, travel experience, people skills, and a desire to live abroad. The rewards of this career are enormous. You’ll have the opportunity to travel the world and experience many cultures in a new way. And while the challenges can be challenging, they’re well worth it. You’ll never regret joining an adventure tour!

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