Top Hidden Gems to Visit in Europe

Top Hidden Gems to Visit in Europe

Sometimes the world’s greatest discoveries are right under your nose. So when planning a European vacation, be sure to add these top spots to your itinerary.

Zamosc, Poland

Situated in Eastern Poland, not many international tourists know about this Renaissance town. In 1992 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy history or want to escape the bustle of Poland’s larger cities.

Blautopf, Germany

Situated near the medieval town of Blaubeuren in the Swabian Alps, Blautopf is a stunning karst spring that feeds into the Danube River. If you enjoy hiking, mountain biking or taking long walks in nature then this place is ideal for spending a day or two here.

Ghent, Belgium

As the capital city of Flanders and UNESCO World Heritage site, Ghent is a must-visit for history buffs who appreciate charming streets. Public transport makes getting around easy, while your Ghent City Card saves money on entrance fees to all museums.

Oradea, Romania

If you’re interested in discovering a unique city with its diverse architectural styles, then Oradea should definitely be on your bucket list. This stunning Eastern European gem has been an important commercial center since the First Century B.C.

Kranj, Slovenia

Kranj is not only the capital of the Slovenian Alps but also an amazing hidden gem of Slovenia. With narrow streets and vibrant buildings, this small village oozes peace and serenity; plus it has a distinct medieval feel that makes it stand out.

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