Top 10 Sustainable Travel Destinations You Need to Visit

Visit these 10 places to travel more sustainably: from an Himalayan kingdom that produces zero carbon emissions, to the capital of Europe working toward becoming entirely waste-free.

San Diego may come as a surprise on this list, but its impact has been felt worldwide thanks to their Climate Action Plan, increased clean tech job growth and plans to make use of 100% renewable energy in their operations.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for its lush rainforests and commitment to wildlife conservation, is a leader in sustainable tourism. From farm-to-table dining experiences to eco-lodges, sustainability is part of life in Costa Rica.

Visit Patagonia during its off-season to minimize crowds and environmental impact while supporting local economies while enjoying better weather and lower prices. Experience unforgettable glaciers, lakes and more on your journey of discovery through Patagonia!

2. Bali

Visitors from around the globe visit Bali every year, so it’s essential that when planning a visit it’s done sustainably. Visit family-run businesses who prioritize sustainability and immersing yourself in local culture will help preserve its beauty and preserve the island.

Avoid feeding monkeys at the Monkey Forest; doing so forces them to become dependent upon humans for food, which is unsustainable. And when shopping, look for eco-friendly brands with ethical production processes.

3. Thailand

Thailand offers eco-travellers plenty to do without harming Mother Nature. Known for its lush rainforests, rugged mountains, stunning beaches and eco-conscious hotels, Thailand provides plenty of ways to have fun without leaving an environmental footprint behind.

Patagonia offers stunning natural wonders like glaciers, lakes and trails for hiking enthusiasts and ecotourism enthusiasts who wish to learn how sustainable travel works. It should not be missed!

4. Mexico

Mexico is taking full advantage of a worldwide trend towards ecotourism initiatives that support local communities while contributing to conservation efforts.

Experience the true beauty of Mexico on sustainable adventure tours through bird watching in Sierra Gorda, jungle trekking in Lacandon or supporting turtle conservation projects in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy its rich natural wonders without compromising its rich culture.

5. Chile

Chile lies at the heart of South America, offering nature lovers and sustainability enthusiasts alike an oasis of natural beauty and sustainability. Ranging from its arid northern region to the austral south’s eternal ice fields and inverted waterfalls, this stunning country provides something exciting for everyone to experience.

Nordic nations continue to lead this year’s GDS Index rankings. Gothenburg took first place for its commitment to green public transport and biodiversity preservation.

6. Iceland

Land of fire and ice isn’t only breathtakingly beautiful; it also leads the pack in sustainable development. Iceland’s proactive management of its natural resources ensures that tourism benefits will last into the future without being reduced through trampling or mismanagement.

Soak in natural hot springs while gazing upon the Northern Lights or take a hike through glaciers and volcanic lava fields; Iceland boasts nearly 100% renewable energy sources as a source for its electricity! Plus, almost 100% of electricity produced here comes from renewable resources!

7. Morocco

Morocco offers travellers who strive to reduce their environmental footprint an abundance of adventure. Boasting lush rainforests, unspoiled beaches and eco-conscious boutique hotels – there’s so much to discover here!

Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate Rwanda’s gorilla trekking for its conservation efforts and Bhutan’s holistic approach to happiness and sustainability, which ensures their kingdom remains carbon neutral.

8. Peru

Tourism can be an incredible means of personal growth and fulfillment; however, its practice must also respect environmental and social sustainability. Travelers can help the cause by limiting their carbon footprint, staying on designated trails and respecting local culture.

Peru offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to experience its rich culture and see beautiful natural wildlife, such as the Andean Condor. To minimize environmental impact, choose guided trips that prioritize environmental stewardship.

9. Morocco

Morocco may face its fair share of environmental challenges, yet still offers plenty of eco-friendly experiences – from mountain gorilla trekking to exploring its famed Atlas Mountains – making this destination an essential stopover for adventurers who care about our planet.

Costa Rica is an ecological paradise filled with rainforests, beaches and volcanoes – it even tops the Global Destination Sustainability Index this year! Home to rainforests, beaches and volcanoes; Costa Rica makes an excellent natural playground. Wildlife enthusiasts also frequent this destination due to its abundance of biodiversity. This year it even earned top honors.

10. Morocco

Ecotourism can have positive repercussions for destinations if managed responsibly; however, overtourism can strain local resources and damage wildlife habitats.

Sustainable practices also involve recycling carefully, investing in renewables and limiting travel-related carbon emissions from aviation. Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy and Denmark’s carbon neutral status are just two green travel hotspots that attract sustainability enthusiasts.

Slovenia’s beautiful Lake Bled is managed with sustainability in mind, while their cuisine features ethically sourced ingredients.

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