Menogyn Adventures – The Best Adventure Camps For Kids and Teens

Kids can choose from several different types of adventure camps, including those based in nature or on farms. Adventure camps offer a wide variety of activities for children, including fort building, nature arts, and wading in the stream. They can also learn about farming and caring for farm animals, make pizza with local ingredients, pick blueberries, and sing silly songs at Morning Meeting. Children will also enjoy daylong excursions to the woods or the beach, and take part in special themed days that follow the seasonal events on the farm.

Adventure Camp teachers are experienced with children and outdoor activities. High school students also assist with the activities. Campers are divided into groups of 20 children and four staff members. There may also be a Junior Counselor who helps out. Parents are encouraged to purchase an Adventure Camp hoodie, which can be worn on the first day of camp. All-day camps are designed to be challenging, yet fun. During the week, campers can participate in zoo-themed tours, nature hikes, and crafts.

Adventure Camps are ideal for kids whose interest in animals and nature are fueled by their love of the outdoors. These camps are designed to inspire children to think creatively and develop lifelong skills. For teens, Bold Earth’s trips provide the perfect opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and experience new activities, while developing critical thinking skills, resilience, and social interaction. Similarly, Apogee Adventures is another popular choice. These camps cater to kids aged eleven and up, as well as teens, through a variety of outdoor activities and photography programs. They offer a variety of spectacular destinations in Canada, Europe, and the U.S.

In addition to providing fun, challenging activities, and fostering leadership skills, Bold Earth’s summer camps emphasize the development of 21st century skills. Students are supervised by a team of two experienced trip leaders who are renowned for their caring attitudes and responsible nature. Unlike some other adventure camps, their enrollment is limited to ensure a quality experience. As a result, they can be sure that their experience will be both safe and enriching.

The name Menogyn derives from the Ojibwe language, and means “to grow.” The camp’s award-winning outdoor programs encourage campers to collaborate and think critically while battling giant monsters and battling foes with foam swords. The programs build critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills. Ultimately, it fosters a love of nature and the outdoors, while providing valuable life lessons. And, as always, adventure is about developing a sense of adventure, and these camps will help kids do just that.

Activities at these summer camps include kayaking, canoe rescue, and swimming. Campers will also have the opportunity to experience nature from a different angle. They may also meet some wildlife along the way. While kayaking, participants should remain a safe distance from the animals, wear lifejackets, and learn the protocol in case their kayak tips over. Despite the many benefits, it is important for kids to have the right safety gear for their camp experience.

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