Incredible Hulk: Out of Print

The Incredible Hulk is a newly launched roller coaster located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the Universal Orlando Resort. Designed by Werner Stengel & engineered by Bolliger & Mabillard (BM&A), the coaster is modeled after Marvel’s famous Hulk and opened for the public on May 29, 1999. The popularity of the coaster has resulted in a second coaster – The Hulk Revenge coaster – replacing it on the original Island attraction. This new attraction represents a full scale expansion of the Islands of Adventure’s Hulk attractions.

The Incredible Hulk features three different sections of the ride, each featuring a different attraction. The queue begins outside the front gate of the park and leads riders straight through a giant mine shaft that contains a series of seven inversions. At the end of the shaft a blast house opens up and takes the riders through the bottom half of the attraction. The second half of the attraction features a series of elevator banks that snake their way up the shaft and into the final lift hill. The final section of the coaster, which features a massive log fall, offers riders a chance to get out of the falling lumber by riding up a vertical lift that circles them upside down.

The actual ride itself is divided up into three different sections. The first section features the traditional look and feel of a conventional roller coaster. The track runs across a metal course and includes several inversions as well as the traditional rising and Falling action. After the initial burst of speed the track gently dips allowing the Hulk to take control of the coaster. He drifts side to side as he rises to the top of the circular track. The second section of the ride takes the riders on an extreme journey through the incredible world of the Hulk.

One of the unique aspects of the ride is the inclusion of several lockers placed throughout the attraction. These lockers serve a dual purpose. First, they offer a way for guests to store their luggage in the secure confines of the locker. This helps to create a first class traveling experience because the locker is a safe haven from the volatility of the Incredible Hulk. The lockers also help to provide the guests with a means to access the other areas of the ride without having to leave their luggage behind. This allows guests to quickly get out of the lockers and onto the real track without the worry of losing their luggage.

There are two main attractions that make up the Incredible Hulk Coaster Escape from Pompeii. The first of these attractions, the Blast House, is located at the end of the opening track and features a ton of exciting twists and turns as the guests race through it. While the actual Blast House isn’t open for long, there are plenty of photos opportunities when the wait time is added.

The second ride in the queue, the Revenge of the Hulk, features a single rider who must save the cavernous prison where the Hulk was imprisoned after being defeated by the hero in an epic battle. While the single rider does have his own Hulk attacks to deal with, he is not the only opponent the coaster features. In fact, there are several other interesting encounters the single rider can encounter including the return of Dr. Bruce Banner (esar Chavez) as well as the return of the Hulk’s niece (Hank pit). Other attractions in the queue include the Ancient Egypt attraction and the Vegas Nevada Attack, which gives guests a chance to visit one of the most popular areas of Las Vegas.

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