Enjoy your vacation with a private tour of Rome

Are you planning your vacation in Rome? For many people it could be difficult to plan a trip, especially in a city they don’t know very well. Create the itinerary, choose all the places to visit, study the public transportation: you risk turning your journey into something not so funny. In this article we will help you to easily organize your trip to Rome and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

How to plan your trip to Rome

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with tourists coming from all around. The city is big and full of all kinds of attractions, so it could be tricky to see them all. The best way to enjoy a journey through the city is to book a tour with one of the tour agencies of the city. One excellent option is one of the Rome private tours by RPG, Rome Private Guides. This agency offers all kinds of tours in the city: the private tour allows you to visit all the best attractions in the Eternal City with your personal guide, who will explain everything you need to know about each monument, church or square. One of the major advantages of this kind of tour is that the agency can customize your itinerary according to your interests and needs. So, if you are a fan of Ancient Rome history, you can choose the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. If you want to know more about the Christian world you can opt for the Vatican tour, or maybe you can visit the Pope’s summer residence gardens in Castel Gandolfo.

The advantages of a private tour

The customization of your itinerary is not the only advantage of choosing a private tour. Another big plus is the opportunity to skip the line in many of the attractions and monuments, as well as the comfort of being carried around thus avoiding the traffic and the chaos of the city. Booking a private tour gives you all the benefits of an easy journey through the city, so that you don’t have to struggle with maps, itineraries and so on. Your English-speaking private guide will explain everything about the monuments you will visit and if you are traveling with your family you can choose a kid-friendly guide or choose a fun tour of Rome on board of golf carts!

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