Best Places to Visit and See on Your Holidays

France, in Western Europe, envelopes beautiful medieval towns, icy alps, exquisite countryside and spectacular seaside beaches. Paris, its enormous capitol, is famous for its exquisite art museums, fashion boutiques and architectural monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and other monuments like the Louvre. The country is famous for its delicious cuisine and superior wines.

Lusignan, the largest island of France, is a wonderful destination where tourists can enjoy spectacular views of the countryside, sandy beaches and picturesque villages. It is famous for its beautiful countryside and medieval castles. Tourists are fascinated by the castles and by the way they seem to go on forever. One of them is Castle de Pays de la Loire which overlooks the seashore. The other is the Chateu des Baux which has a fine row of summer gardens. Some of the other castles and cities of France that offer scenic beauty are: Dijon, Clos de Vougeot, Beaune and Rouen.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany is considered as one of the most romantic and charming destination in Italy. It is considered to be a fine blend of culture and historical monasteries. It has magnificent beaches and beautiful roads. Its flights are quite expensive but affordable and so, you can easily avail its offers.

Tours de France, Paris and Le Derechy are some of the major attractions in Paris that attract millions of tourists throughout the year. The tourists can enjoy the cultural heritage of france at the top attractions in france. These places are popular among the honeymoon couples as well as the tourists. Its famous for historic and modern attractions, shopping and delicious cuisines.

Loire Valley, situated in southern part of France, is popular for its Loire Castle which was built by the king of England. Its appealing appeal and unique beauty makes it a favorite tourist destination. There are many popular tourist spots in the surrounding areas as well where tourists can enjoy their stay in comfort. The best places to visit in france are: Tourist Villages in Alsace, Meursault and other Loire villages.

In addition to that, Loire Valley also known as “Lapine” is considered to be an exceptional holiday destination in northern France. It’s famous for extraordinary scenery and natural beauty. Some of the best attractions in france include: Grand Bassin, Beaune Castle, Morbere, St Honorat, St Martin de Tours and many more. Tourists can also enjoy different wine varieties. Booking cheap flights to france will be an easy task if you do some research on the internet regarding cheap flights to France.

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