Adventure Island: The Florida’s Most Wanted Park

Adventure Island is a premier water park located along the coast of Tampa, Florida, right across the street from Disney-MGM Studios. The water park features thirty acres of thrilling attractions, restaurant, and much more. The water park opened in June 1980, originally part of SeaWorld, and is now part of the Orlando park system. Adventure Island was one of the very first water parks to be built in Florida. The uniqueness of Adventure Island lies in its three theme areas – Beach Club, Wild Water Island, and the Space Coast.

Beach Club is located on Adventure Island. It is a rambling, three-mile long, sandy beach with restaurants, hotels, snack bars, cabins, gift shops, etc. Adventure Island’s Beach Club closed after only six months because of bad weather. Now, the ruins of the Beach Club remain, along with a brand new wave pool that rests at the back of the building. Unfortunately, the wave pool has never been used because it is too dirty and the sand is too hard.

Wildwater Island, located on the other side of Adventure Island, is the original home of the Universal Studios Theme Park. The Universal Studios Theme Park opened in March 1971, on the former Coney Island. Among the attractions of the park are the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Islands of Adventure, plus several rides based on the famous animated film. Wildwater Island was removed from the Tampa area when the Universal Studios Park was built, but it was rediscovered in 1998.

The most exciting part of Adventure Island is its water park rides. The water park features some of the most thrilling roller coasters on the island, including Panic! At Terror Mountain, guests ride through all sorts of themes and settings: the gulag of Agadez, an ancient mining village, the evil cluttered castle of Dr. Darkken, and so much more. But perhaps the best attraction of Adventure Island is its rapids. Located on the second floor of the park, these rapids thrill even the most daring skiers and thrillseekers.

If you haven’t been to the Tampa area, or if you live elsewhere and want to check out the excitement that Adventure Island offers, the best time to visit is during the off season. The peak of tourist activity for the island is generally from May through September. During this time, the majority of the park’s rides and attractions are unavailable. The off season is also prime fishing and hunting season, which should be a reason to visit during the colder months.

Adventure Island may not have broken the ground as the Florida’s first theme park, but it is one that appeals to visitors of all ages. If you visit during the off season, you will find the island’s variety of rides and adventures just what you were hoping for. If you stay put though and the waters get too rough, you can always visit the swanky hotel located right across from the water-drenched Fun Forest. You can enjoy fine dining and wining and dading at the world-renowned Busch Gardens Tampa Bay resort. You can even book your own helicopter tour of the entire attraction; where else can you see 50 acres of wild expanses?

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