The Best Beach Holiday Destinations in the World

If you are looking for the best beach holiday destinations in the world, look no further than the Philippines. This Southeast Asian country boasts over 1,228 km of coastline and over 300 islands, including the world-famous Manuel Antonio Beach. This beach has so much calm water that tourists can float effortlessly across its surface. There is also the Paradise Lagoon, which is a secluded, mangrove-lined lagoon with overwater hammocks, thatched-roofed huts, and swing sets.

For some of the best European beaches, take your pick from Portugal’s Algarve or the Greek Islands. Both of these destinations are less known and offer more affordable rates than the more famous islands. Both islands offer stunning scenery and are ideal for romantic getaways. You can also go sailing or windsurfing in one of the islands. In addition to being one of the most affordable countries in Europe, Portugal offers some of the most incredible beaches.

The islands of Crete and Kefalonia are famous for their beaches. There are also many secluded Greek island getaways to choose from. The beaches on Zakynthos are considered ‘Hollywood approved’ and offer beautiful turquoise waters. You can also relax on one of Greece’s famous islands – Crete and Kefalonia. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the aforementioned islands!

For couples looking for the perfect beach holiday destination, Spain’s Costa del Sol is an ideal place. It offers an unrivalled blend of beach and city life, with the added benefit of a rooftop swimming pool and beautiful views of the city. Menorca is another popular beach vacation destination in the Mediterranean sea, and the Spanish Balearic Islands are ideal for a romantic getaway. While Mallorca is a popular summer destination, it’s equally enjoyable during shoulder seasons.

The Maldives is another one of the world’s top beach holiday destinations. There are over 1,000 coral islands scattered across 26 atolls. The islands are also home to many activities that tourists enjoy. Diving, snorkeling, and surfing are among the popular activities here. Visitors to the Maldives also enjoy escaping from the stress of their everyday lives and relaxing in paradise. If you’re looking for an affordable beach holiday destination in the Mediterranean, this is the place for you.

Despite the name, Dubai is not typically associated with beaches. While it’s most famous for its skyscrapers, it has some of the most stunning white sand beaches in the world. Try to visit the La Mer area, which is open to the public. This area of the city has plenty to offer, and it’s also one of the newest hotspots. So what are you waiting for? Embark on a dream holiday and make your dreams come true.

Another great Italian island to visit is Sardinia. This island has over 2000km of coastline. It is truly a piece of paradise with its white sand and turquoise waters. Aside from being a beach, this island has historic towns and cute secluded coves. If you’re looking for the best beach holiday destinations, this is the place to visit. So get ready to enjoy the sun! You’ll be amazed!

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