Essential Tips For Travelling in Thailand

When travelling in Thailand, you must remember to keep the following essential tips in mind. Do not walk around alone at night or even stray too far from touristy areas. Visiting attractions during the day and dining out at night is safe. If you do plan to travel off-the-beaten-path, make sure you have a travel buddy. Also, be aware of the aggressive driving of locals. Many of them drive extremely fast!

Always carry plenty of cash when you visit Thailand. Although credit cards are widely accepted in many tourist areas, you will still find that many small places will only accept cash. In such places, you should also carry plenty of change. Also, you should carry small change because Thai people are notorious for being fussy about currency notes. To avoid scams, use reliable booking sites such as Klook. If you are unsure about the place, read customer reviews before booking.

Make use of local language. You should learn Thai and use local language. Even if you are comfortable speaking English, you can still find people who don’t speak it very well. You should consider getting translation apps and installing them in your phone. It would be a good idea to take along a Thai-English dictionary with you when travelling in Thailand. You can also ask the receptionist to write down the address of your hotel or the type of food you want for breakfast.

Plan your itinerary before departure. While Thailand is well-known for its stunning beaches, it’s also notorious for muggings and other crimes. Try to avoid unpopular beaches or places where you’ll be alone. For safety reasons, you should avoid places with high crime rates. During your travels, you can use Skyscanner App, 12Go, Bookaway, or a local SIM card to avoid problems with roaming. If you want to know the latest flight schedules, use Skyscanner or 12Go.

Be aware of food hygiene standards in Thailand. Make sure that restaurants and hotels are clean and not unusually empty. If you are eating street food, make sure it hasn’t been sitting out for hours and been attacked by flies. Avoid undercooked fish and meat, and don’t be tempted to drink tap water unless you’re sure it’s safe to do so. It’s easy to get sick from tap water.

Dress appropriately for your travels. Thais view their feet as dirty and dislike shoes. As a result, it’s best to remove your shoes before entering temples and other places of worship. Always remember to cover your knees and shoulders and wear appropriate clothing. And don’t forget to bring a shawl or head scarf to protect your modesty. You will never have enough time to visit the many temples in Thailand.

Don’t forget to tip! Although Thailand doesn’t expect tips, leaving a small amount of cash is acceptable and is appreciated. You can even tip your hotel room service or local guide. You can always leave the money in a hotel at the end of your stay, but it is advisable to tip more than the minimum required. However, you can also tip local guides in the cities and at temples. The latter is not expected, but it’s a nice gesture.

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