Booking System Features Include Managed Room Rental Service, Private Listings and Occupancy Estimates

Hotel Booking Extranet is a user-friendly web-based application allowing travel agencies to quickly enter and update their contract hotel information on their system (terms, reservation, reservations, minimum stays, currency, etc. ), with instant updates delivered to the relevant staff members. The system also allows them to easily view and update the status of their entire portfolio of properties, making it possible for the agency management to identify current hot spots and review the portfolio of properties in real time. The Hotel Booking Extranet also enables customers to search for a hotel and browse through their entire portfolio online; with instant confirmation once the customer has selected a hotel of their choice.

To use the Booking Extranet, you first need to login with an existing account and enter all relevant data required by the system. You can then choose which types of information to upload into your online booking interface. One may want to upload only the hotel information, or upload the contact list of hotel staff and view the amenities, star rating and pictures of available rooms. This choice is completely up to the user; whichever works best for them.

Once you have logged in, the booking system will ask you to select a password to access your account. The account can be accessed from the ‘My Account’ page of the hotel extranet system or via a web browser. The ‘My Account’ page contains various options such as changing rates and rooms, sending an email, sending a text message, and listing all your bookings, payments and preferences. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for a busy professional to navigate the system, make a change in price or room type, and send an email or SMS to another user. The ability to save various hotel information in different folders is another advantage of the online booking facility provided by the Hotel Booking Extranet.

The hotel booking system provides a comprehensive list of available rooms on each floor for each district of the hotel. As guests move through each floor, they can see what is available next to their hotel and make suitable decisions. For example, a guest who has three rooms to view in the first floor of a hotel may decide to look at rooms in the next or third floor, depending upon the views available to them. This kind of flexibility is helpful to a wide range of customers, from corporate clients to group travellers and private families.

Using the Hotel Booking Extranet to book your own hotel bookings rather than relying on hotel staff can save you time and money. Because all rooms are viewable online, you can see immediately if there are empty rooms. You can also view the total number of rooms available at the hotel, which helps you quickly identify rooms that are under the total occupancy level. For instance, if a particular night is going to be busy with corporate clientele, you can book rooms ahead of time so that you have an idea of how many people will be at the hotel. You don’t need to rely on guesswork or call in ahead of time. The internet’s Hotel Booking Extranet technology makes it easy to book your hotel rooms and has the added benefits of providing instant access to information that could otherwise take days to obtain.

Because the Hotel Booking Extranet is an Extranet system, it is protected by rigorous security measures. The latest versions of this system are HIPAA compliant, and use tamper-proof passwords to ensure the security of your data. The software also offers complete security solutions including multiple levels of authentication and encryption. With a fully automated user interface, the Hotel Booking Extranet is able to meet the needs of clients worldwide by providing them with the latest options in online booking facilities.

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