Types of Tour Packages Available

A tour is a visit to a place by an individual, organization. The destinations of these tours vary greatly, depending on the purpose of the tour and the interests of the organizers. Most commonly, a tour is planned as a way to mark a special event, such as a concert by an internationally renowned musician, a tour of a cultural center or museum where an important work of art has been displayed, or a show at a special educational venue. Many other kinds of events, including sports matches, political conventions, film premier events, and theme parties, also serve as the basis for a tour.

A concert tour, unlike a walking tour, is planned specifically as a single trip by an individual, organization. Tour organizers select a fixed date and depart at that time period. They generally stop at several different places along the way. For example, in a concert tour, the group will arrive at the venue a set number of hours before the actual concert begins. Then they will proceed on foot throughout the venue checking out any possible venues and performers.

The tour guides in most cases are professional event planners with multiple years experience in coordinating musical tours, corporate events, school tours, and other large events. These specialized guides are skilled to make their guests feel at home, safe, comfortable and secure throughout the duration of the tour. Tour guides often provide the means of transport, either by bus or train, from their accommodations to the venues of the tour.

There are other kinds of adventure tours. Some adventure tours involve driving and biking through dangerous terrain, like mountain climbing. In some extreme adventure tours, participants are issued gear bags and helmets for each day of the expedition. Other adventure tours are designed for more non-traditional travelers, like families and couples on a two or three-day trip to an island resort. There are also adventure tours that combine business and pleasure travel. Some companies may specialize in business and pleasure tours, while others may focus on one or the other.

Sightseeing tours are also available. Sightseeing tours involve driving or biking in and around the tourist attractions. In some sightseeing tour guides will prepare a map of the tourist attractions at the beginning of the tour and continue to take notes throughout the tour. These tour guides often have knowledge of local restaurants, shops, and other resources that may be of interest to tourists. They also can help with getting a car rental or arrange for sightseeing buses if you prefer to tour sightseeing by yourself.

There are many other kinds of tours available. Most cruise ship companies offer various tours, such as day tours, week tours, cruise ship cruises, shore excursions, and special tours. Shore excursions include a visit to the beach or park, or a tour of the historic Old Town of Stockholm. Cruise ship cruises tend to be longer than most shore excursions, because cruise ship activities tend to last several days. A shore excursion typically involves visiting several sites, and tourist destinations that are preferred by tourists.