Tips to avoid backpacking stove explosions

backpacking stove explosionsWho doesn’t love to carry a backpacking stove whenever planning for a small or long trip with their family or loved ones? This would be a great option especially when you have a group of people planning for a trip. To make your trip safe for your family as well as your surrounding environment you need to make sure check and follow some simple tips with which you can avoid any kind of explosions and can have great fun filled picnic.

You can primarily check for the fuel canister whether it’s heated or not. If the fuel canister gets heated there are chances that it might get exploded leading to severe burns to you and your family and it can even burn the entire forest as well. So always see that you use the stove in open area so that air keeps on flowing that will prevent the fuel canister from getting heated. You should even see that the frying pan and the burner are well spaced from each other as if they are very close it will even lead to heating up of canister.

To prevent the canister from getting heated you can even use the metal refractive disk around the burner. When you use this disk it will act as a shield which will prevent high heat from reaching the canister. So you can be on safe side when you follow this method. You can even leave some gap at the downwind side of the stove as it will be able to help the air to escape and this will prevent it from getting heated. This will even help you to maintain normal temperature of the canister so that it can work properly. The pressure inside the canister can also be well balanced without letting it to get heated much. Though many people may give you advice on it, but the best way to know about the process is following the manufacturer’s guide. So you can check them and know the best ways to use the backpack stove safely.

Using a wind screen would be a great option when you are using a back pack stove in your camping area. You can find number of wind screens that are now available in the market and you need to make sure to choose one for your needs. If you forget to take the wind screen on your picnic you can even manage to arrange one from the nature. You can use any wind breaks that you can find in your surroundings. Instead of the wind screen you can even go for the kite screen. You can make this kite screen all by your own. This is actually a long fabric piece which is about 12- 14 inches high which can be setup around the cooking area with the help of sticks. This setup will not only cover your stove but will also protect it. So follow the simple steps and be safe while using the backpack stove.