Solo Stove Wood Burning Review

Solo Stove Wood Burning









  • No need to carry any fuel.
  • High efficiency.
  • Eco-friendly, due to the use of wood or twigs as fuel.


  • Heavier as compared to other alcohol based stoves.
  • Availability of dry woods or twigs will be difficult in winter or rainy season.

If you want to make your trip to the hill stations, trekking point or any other place and make the trip to be one of the best and most memorable ones then you need to make sure to carry the best wood burning stove. Finding a wood stove is not a big deal but choosing the best and appropriate stove makes all the difference. A solo wood burning backpacking stove would be best to make your trip more exciting and fun filled one with adding the cooking experience as well. This would be the best option for all those who would like to use less fuel while cooking in the woods. This has a unique secondary combustion system which would provide you with more effective fire with minimum fuel.

If you want to experience cleaner burning from your stove then make sure to look for the solo wood burning backpacking stove. The bottom of the stove has vents through which the air enters in to it and moves in the upward direction. This actually cooks the smoke that comes out of the woods and will burn the smoke twice so that you would get a cleaner burn with very less smoke and an increased efficiency in turn. This is an eco-friendly backpacking stove with which you can now protect the environment as well as your eyes from burning due to the smoke that might come out of the woods that you use for cooking. So when you use this solo wood burning backpacking stove you can actually sit near it to check your food.

Features and specifications:

  • It comes with patented design i.e. with a unique double wall which will create ultra clean gasification along with secondary combustion which will produce very less smoke in return.
  • No more you need to spend your valuable amount on buying fuel and carrying huge luggage on your trips as you just need twigs, leaves or wood to cook on this solo stove wood burning backpacking stove.
  • Eco-friendly one.
  • The product is light in weight and would boil water or your food within a short period of time.
  • Made up of stainless steel and would be durable and easy to cook.
  • It is very compact and would need just a little space in the backpack.
  • It has been awarded as gear of the year, in 2014.

Advantages of using the solo stove:

  • This is a unique wood burning stove which uses secondary combustion so as to produce cleaner and efficient burning.
  • You need not carry huge cans of fuel on your trips in order to cook on this backpacking stove as you just need the dry twigs, leaves or any other thing that you might find on your way to trip.
  • You just need few twigs in order to get effective amount of fire for your cooking process.
  • Very less smoke is produced from your cooking process.
  • The solo stove is very light in weight and you need not carry any kind of fuel. Hence you can now travel lighter than ever before.
  • This is environmental friendly and you can be part of go green with the use of solo stove.


The solo wood burning backpacking stove might be a bit heavier if you compare it with the alcoholic beverage stove especially if you are hiking and need to carry the stove on your back. As the solo stove just uses the dry twigs, wood or leaves it would be very difficult for you to find them in winter or rainy seasons.


If you are looking for an affordable backpacking stove that would incur very less maintenance costs and which would let you cook efficiently then the solo stove is the right choice for you. This would prove to be highly beneficial especially in any kind of emergency conditions when you don’t have enough fuel.

When you look at the customer reviews for the same product you can find the almost all the customers who have used the product are 100% satisfied and like to use this simple stove. Many customers have given rating five for the stove. This is an ultimate hiking or camping stove that anyone would be in need of. It is very simple to use and cook any kind of food staying close to the stove. You can know more about the stove and how it actually works online by checking out the relevant online sources that are now available for you. Once you buy and use the stove you would feel delighted to carry it on your trips. This works just great and you can make anything over this stove within a short period of time and with just few twigs or woods. This is an eco-friendly and amazing stove which would last for a longer period of time and would give effective cooking experience.