Safety tips for using backpacking stoves

backpacking stovesCamping would be a great for all those who are looking forward to have some great time with family or friends irrespective of age group. A camping stove would be a great option when you are planning such a trip as it would be very convenient and easy to use. You can find different camping stoves that work differently and so before you go with such a stove you need to make sure to know all about it’s working to be on safe side.

When you are using stove in your trip you should be very careful as you are using fire so that you and your surroundings remains safe. While using the stove always make sure to use it in the open and not in a tent. As tents are not fire proof it can prove to be very dangerous. Always use the stove in the outdoor and make sure to keep it on a flat surface so that it remains stable when the cooking process is on.

Make sure that the place where you would like to place the stove is free from any kind of dirt, twigs or debris. When you want to refill your stove you should make sure that you are doing it far away from the place where you would use the stove. If there is any leakage of fuel, then wipe it off immediately and keep it away from the stove. Always make sure that the stove is kept in an upright position so that there might not be any kind of leakage from the stove. This would be very dangerous and hence you should be very careful while handling and carrying the stove as well. To avoid any kind of injuries while lighting the stove you should follow the manual instructions that have been provided to you.

Usually you need to light up the stove with a match stick and not with the electric lighter. So this would be very dangerous and there are chances of fire getting wild when excess gas comes out. So it is better to light the stove using a long twig so that you can keep your hands away from the burner.

Before and after the trip you should make sure to check the stove for any kind of leakages. Before you back pack the stove you need to get it checked thoroughly with a professional so that he would actually know if there are any minor issues and will correct it within no time. It is always better to maintain your stove well and to get any kind of repair done so that you can prevent any small or big personal injuries while you are back packing your stove. Sometimes it might even lead to forest fires as well when the condition is worsened. You can even perform stove maintenance on your own with the help of the manufacturer’s manual. So enjoy a safe trip following the right backpacking stove advice.