MSR Dragonfly

MSR Dragonfly









  • It can be folded upto one-third of its operational size.
  • Multiple fuels can be used.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • Noisy.
  • Wind guard is not enough to be used in windy areas.

A backpacking stove would be a great option to enjoy cooking whether you are planning to go on for a trip, trekking or any other place with your friends or family. When you checkout the market to buy a good stove it would be very difficult for an individual to choose a genuine and best backpacking stove as you can find number of brands and models of stoves. It is a versatile product that comes with a stable stove. The best part of this stove is that you can use any kind of fuel and cook over the stove according to your feasibility. This is a great product for all those who are looking forward to buy a good quality product that would last for a longer period of time and with low maintenance.

The best part of using this stove is that it is a multi- fuel backpacking stove where you can either use the kerosene, white gas, diesel, jet fuel or the unleaded auto fuel. This is very compact and it can be folded once you are done with the cooking process. This comes with two litre pot in which you can store the accessories. The MSR dragonfly stove comes with a dual valve design that will help you to have control over the flame and based on your requirement you can adjust and cook accordingly. It can provide very efficient heat which you helps to prepare food at a much faster rate. The MSR dragonfly would be one of the best backpacking stoves which you need to buy to make your cooking process easy and efficient.

Features and specifications:

The following are the various features and specifications of the best backpacking stove available i.e. the MSR dragonfly.

  • The product comes with a dual valve design which will help you to control the flame i.e. you can simmer the flame while you can manage to boil with the twist of flame adjuster.
  • It comes with extra wide pot support that will provide great support to larger cooking or fry pans as well.
  • It is a multi- fuel burn backpacking stove where you can use any kind of fuel for your cooking purpose.
  • With just a flick of wrist it can clean the jet debris out with the self- cleaning shaker.
  • You can get life time warranty for this MSR dragonfly backpacking stove.

Advantages of MSR dragonfly:  

  • This is an excellent backpacking stove that anyone would like to buy as it is a multi- fuel burn stove.
  • You can simmer the flame while still you can boil the water in the pot at a faster rate.
  • It comes with a self- cleaning jet with which you can now get the best and effective working backpacking stove.
  • The stove is very light in weight and it can be folded up 1/3 rd of its current size.
  • Ideal for your trips and when you have smaller space in the backpack.
  • Very easy to use and clean once you are done with your cooking process.
  • The best quality backpacking stove which would last for a longer period of time.


When you consider the MSR dragonfly backpacking stove it might produce a noisy sound while cooking which might not be liked by many. Though it would come with a wind guard it might not prevent the air completely from getting in. So it would sometimes become difficult for you to cook especially when there is more air flow. If you don’t like to hear such loud noise and if you want to hear something uttered by the other person then you shouldn’t opt for this kind of noisy stove. Despite of these small neglect able cons many people would like to go for this backpacking stove.


Though you can find many backpacking stoves which can boil your water within no time, this MSR dragonfly backpacking stove is the one which might give you an amazing cooking experience that you have never experienced before. Here you can boil the water to the same temperature even by keeping it on low flame especially when you are busy doing any work. So you need not worry of over frying any food. As the stove comes with very good supporting system it is very stable and can be used without any worry in your mind.

Most of the online customers have rated it 5 on the scale and just one or two have rated 3 or 4. Those who have already used the product are completely satisfied with the quality and services of MSR dragonfly backpacking stove. Once you start using the stove you can be sure to have comfortable environment while cooking on your trips. As it is multi fuel burn you can use any fuel which is available for you. Get more information about the stove online and enjoy better cooking experience.