Jetboil Flash Review

Flash Cooking System









  • Accidental splatters are avoided by clipping cooking cup into the actual burner.
  • Indicator signals the hotness of contents inside container.
  • Stove is made of stainless steel and is available with auto igniter.


  • Over sensible to controls.

Whether you are planning to go for a trip, trekking or hiking with your friends or family a backpacking stove would be a great option. These are the light weight portable stoves which can be carried along with you to any place. You can find different models and brands of backpacking stoves that are now available for you in the market.

But before you choose one, you should always know in detail about the various features of each backpacking stove and choose the best quality one that would be durable without causing much trouble for the user.

When you have a good backpacking stove it would be very easy for you to cook even when you are away from your home. Make your trip more exciting and fun filled one with the Jetboil flash personal backpacking cooking system.

Though there are different options to choose when it comes to backpacking stoves the Jetboil flash personal backpacking cooking system is the one that everyone would love to use. This cooking system comes with an external temperature indicator that makes it different from the classic personal cooking system. It is designed in such a way that it would capture and focus heat more efficiently with the help of which you can now boil water or any liquid within few minutes. It comes with 1 liter aluminum Jetboil cooking cup which is insulated and hand anodized and is directly connected to the burner with the Jetboil flux ring technology so that less heat is lost while cooking.

Features and specifications:

  • It comes with a 1lt flux ring cooking cup which has got a cozy insulation and it utilizes maximum amount of heat for better results.
  • It has got a stainless steel burner which can be adjusted according to your requirement.
  • The igniter is push-button type with the help of which you can now light up the system with just one click.
  • There is an indicator which indicates color changes and you will actually know when the contents are too hot so that you don’t burn your hands.
  • A drink through lid along with the pour sprout and strainer.
  • The cup comes with a protective bottom which can be removed and you can also measure with it.
  • The system is compatible with any of the Jetboil accessories so that it can easily get in the market.
  • It comes with a fuel canister stabilizer.
  • It is a single compartment stove.


Advantages of using jetboil flash personal backpacking cooking system:

  • The cup comes with a protective plastic bottom which can be removed and can be used as an additional bowl or can be used as a measuring device to make your cooking process easy.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • This is a wonderful cooking system that would save your valuable time and will ensure that any liquid is boiled within few minutes.
  • It can keep your food or any kind of beverages warm for longer time after cooking process.
  • With the color change system you will be alerted when the contents are hot.
  • With a sip through lid you can prevent any kind of spillage.
  • You can make your stove customized by adding more flux ring companion cups so as to meet your requirements.
  • In a jet cooking cup you can boil 12 liters of water.
  • It is available in different colors and you can now choose the color of your choice while buying the Jetboil flash cooking system.


Though the Jetboil flash personal backpacking cooking system is a wonderful product that would make your cooking process easy and simple it has certain drawbacks as well. Some might feel that the product is very expensive. Sometimes the flames might come out from the sides and it would be very difficult to control. Uneven distribution heat can also be observed which might burn your food in the cup. Only new disadvantages can be observed which can be neglected when compare to the huge list of advantages which the product can deliver to you.


When you look for the various online reviews of real customers who have actually used the Jetboil flash personal backpacking cooking system you will actually find that most of them are completely satisfied and happy with the product. Many of them have commented positively about the backpacking cooking system. If you want to make sure that you would have some great time with your loved ones on your trip then it is must to have the Jetboil flash personal backpacking cooking system. This is the most recommended and reliable product which would last for a longer period of time if you follow all the precautionary steps and maintain the stove regularly.