How to clean a backpacking stove?

backpacking stove cleaningIf you are a lover of adventure you must be always ready to face challenges. But it is equally important to take care of your safety at the time of your journey because unless you ensure your safety it will not be possible to enjoy your trip to its fullest. That’s why having sufficient and healthy food is quite important during your journey and a backpacking stove is the best choice to serve the purpose in the best way. No matter wherever you go, you can be sure to have sufficient food with the backpacking stoves.

Each of the backpacking stoves is well known for providing exclusive performance but to get long term benefit from the stoves you must accomplish a proper maintenance of the stoves.

Important tools for cleaning up the backpacking stoves

The tools that you would require for cleaning up the stoves are a screwdriver, some white gas, a handkerchief and the stove tool that you will get at the time of buying the stove. Now, start your cleaning process in the following way

  1. Clean up the fuel line first

Start your cleaning process cleaning up with the fuel line. To clean up the fuel line and shaker jet properly is quite important as these parts play the biggest role in fuel supply. Sometimes cleaning these things only make the fuel supply regular and uninterrupted. The fuel line is located inside the sheath that is connected to the fuel bottle.  You will be able to see the silver tip of the fuel line poking out at the edge of the sheath. Insert the end of the fuel line in any of the holes of the stove tool and twist it in order to get a grip on the line.

Now, pull up the line so that it gets separated from the sheath, thus, separate it from the rest of the stove. Use some white gas to clean the line. While washing make sure that the soot, dirt, sand etc are removed properly.

  1. Clear the sheath

After cleaning the fuel line clean up the sheath. The process of cleaning this portion is quite easy; just insert the cleaned fuel line into by pressuring hard. You can use a bit elbow grease.

  1. Clean up the shaker jet and other parts

Cleaning up this portion is the most part of the whole process. Take the shaker jet out and make sure that you don’t damage the other parts of the stove.

Then, remove the fuel cap located at the bottom of the stove and make it free from dirt. Put the white gas on it to clean properly.

Once you remove the fuel cup, the area will be exposed through which the fuel enters into the stove itself. This part of the stove holds the fuel line.

Pull the portion out and you will be able to see the jet that consists flat sides and a small hole at its apex and the smooth and rounded part that connects the fuel line cable to the stove.

You must have to clean these small parts quite skillfully otherwise there will be a possibility of damaging the stove.