How much fuel one should take while carrying a backpacking stove?

backpacking stoveWell, you will find a dilemma when you pack the fuel for the backpacking stove. This is an age-old question, and in case you are looking for the ideal answer for the same, here is the solution for you. All you need to do is to go through the conditions that will affect the consumption of fuel.

You need to consider the factors apart from the number of meals and the number of days you are going to remain away when you calculate the fuel. Go through these tips to assess the amount of fuel that you will need.

  • Know the number of people: The first thing you need to look into is the number of people who are going with you. The more the number, the greater the amount of fuel you need to carry. Calculate the fuel per head in order to get an estimated figure of the amount of fuel. The number of litres of water needed to be boiled also needs to be decided
  • Meals: There are hot as well as cold meals that you will need. So, when you calculate the amount of fuel needed, you need to know whether the place has a high or a low temperature. There are other factors affecting the climate and you have to take a note of them as well.  If there are adverse conditions like snow, you will need more fuel.
  • Altitude: The stoves are tested to be fit for making tea at sea level when there is no wind at 70-degree F. In case you are at a higher altitude, you will have to be alert of the amount of fuel you need to carry.

Apart from these, the availability of water and cooking style also need to be considered when you calculate the amount of fuel. You need to be bit calculative in making the selection of a backpacking stove depending on the area you are going to visit, weather, climate, and humidity of the place. Once you are sure that you made the right pick of backpacking stove then you can chalk out the plan as how much fuel will be enough for the trip. There are many branded companies which are manufacturing and selling backpack stoves for the travellers. Research well on the market and made the best choice for the trip.

The amount of fuel required for a trip for use in backpack stove largely depends on the numbers of days for which the stove will be needed. If you are going for a month long trip then, in that case, it will be advisable to carry that much fuel which is easy for you to take and not much beyond that. On the other hand, you need to collect the information as where you can get fuel supply in the location you are visiting well in advance. It’s better to fill the stove fuel from the local supplier in the visiting location to make the experience simple.