Enjoying the French Traditions by Visiting Flicker On Flickr

If you love nature and history, then you will love the Tours de France. The Tour de France is a grand tour throughout the entire country of France. It begins in Tours, one of the most central cities of France. From Tours it goes to Paris and then on to other important cities like Nimes, Nice, Monaco and Barcelona. It covers much of the country and even some of the world famous tourist destinations like Rome, London, Rome, Genoa, Florence and Istanbul.

Tours de France is now a major university city between the Loire and Champagne rivers. Once a medieval settlement, it is now a modern university city and an established gateway for touring the chateaus of the Loire Valley area. Major attractions include the cathedral, Saint-Gatien, whose extremely flamboyant Gothic facade now stands alongside swanky modernist towers with high 14th-century bases. It was originally a church, which was then converted into a magnificent cathedral and grand villa.

Loire Valley, which includes Tours, has many famous landmarks. Among these is the city of Tours, which has been immortalized in Donne’s romantic “A Day in the Life of Mademoiselle de la Perle.” In this book, the city is described as being a place of stupendous beauty, which inspired many artists. Other attractions include Saint-Remy, a church which served as a monastery during the time of King Henry II; and the Chateau de Versailles, or as it was more commonly known, the Chateau des Versailles.

Of course, not everything about Tours de France is vintage or at least rich in French flavor. There is no doubt that France has a strong cultural and historical presence in Africa. Tours includes the Pyrenees and the Atlas Mountains. Travelers have been known to take part in mountain rafting, trekking, and camping. There is even a fl Flickr gallery of photos of pygmy hippos.

The French state also has a strong presence on Flickr. One can browse through a gallery of photos of medieval villages, bustling city streets, and farming. One can also find a photo of the town of Tours in the Loire valley. The state of France has a strong presence on Flickr because the country hosts a number of major events such as the Formula 1 car championship, the Football World Cup, and the Olympic Games.

In short, one does not need to travel abroad in order to enjoy a bit of the French tradition. Instead, he or she can simply go online to see the wonderful photos of France on fl Flickr. One can also read about some of the most popular places in France on Wikipedia. Indeed, taking part in some of these tours will surely make your trip to France more memorable.