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Stove on Vacation is a recent development in the private Russian accommodation market. The concept is similar to that of a Hotel and Breakfast. Private residences, hotels, guest houses are the usual destinations but Stove on Vacation can also be rented as holiday apartments, or holiday villas. This innovative accommodation concept was conceived as a means of providing housing for the families that could not afford to buy apartments on regular rental terms. A holiday villa or private residence provides all the comforts, privacy, space, cooking facilities and cost effective holiday package that one would require while on vacation in Russia.

The accommodation is available in two types, in the form of villas or private rooms, and in the form of single room apartment. The private holiday apartments are better suited for groups of twenty to forty people, whereas the villas are ideal for large groups that may have to stay in single room apartments for a week or more. For those individuals and families staying in Stove on Vacation as vacation apartments, the cost of rent is computed on per day basis and is generally higher than the cost of a hotel room accommodation. Moreover, most of these apartments have internet connection as well so that one can access emails, use the internet for shopping, etc.

Stove on Vacation is operated by a travel agency and is facilitated with an online booking service. A person looking for a vacation apartment to rent can search through the site, select the location that he prefers, fill in the online form and pay for the apartment bookings online through credit card. The booking will be carried out exclusively by the agency. It is important to note that visa requirements vary from country to country. A person travelling to European countries or to non-European countries will not need a visa for a stay in an apartment for a week or more. However, visa requirements are high for Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece.

Apart from the apartments, Stove on Vacation also offers self-catering holiday villas. Though the price of such villas may be slightly higher than the apartments, they provide the same quality of accommodation at a fraction of the price. Stove on Vacation is facilitated with a booking service. A person looking for a vacation home to rent can search through the website and place his booking for the same. However, a person travelling to non-European countries will need a visa for a stay over a longer period of time.

Apart from apartments and villas, there are other popular accommodations that are found in Stove on Vacation. Resorts are popular among tourists because they offer cheaper rates than hotels. Resorts also provides facilities like car hire, health clubs, swimming pool, gym, children play area, etc. Some of the most popular resorts in Europe are the Villas Atitiated in Spain, Villas Atitlan in Spain, Crowne Plaza Hotel Resorts in France, Le Marais Perdition Hotel Resorts in France, etc.

The discounts offered on these resorts make them extremely affordable for families and individuals planning for a vacation in this wonderful part of the world. So, if you too want to relax and enjoy your vacation in an economical way, then you must opt for one of these resorts. You can find a list of these resorts on the website of Stove On Vacation. There you can also get a detailed comparison of prices, amenities, and details of packages offered by these resorts.