Backpacking stoves suitable for extreme cold weather

Backpacking stovesDo you like the beauty of the frozen mountain? If the answer is yes, then you must be always ready to take challenges. But during the time of your adventure, it is equally important to take care of your safety as for every person safety comes first. And when the question is of your safety, food is the staple thing that ensures your well-being but most of the time, the situation goes just in the opposite way and people have to face the biggest problem with their food. Now, make an easy solution for it using the backpacking stoves even when your destination is the frozen mountain.

What is a backpacking stove?

A backpacking stove literally means a portable stove that has been specially designed for picnicking, campaign and carrying anywhere where you need an easily transportable means for cooking. These stoves are also known as ‘portable stoves’. And to fulfill its purpose in the right way, it has been designed in such a way that you can carry it so easily. And as a result of the modern technology, nowadays a wide variety of the portable stoves are available that serve a various purpose. Hence, now don’t compromise with having sufficient food even when you have to face extreme cold weather.

Backpacking stoves for using in the extreme cold weather

The huge variety of backpacking stoves includes canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, solid fuel stoves.

Here is a short list of the advantages and disadvantages of the aforementioned stoves

Canister stoves– The isobutene and propane fuel system make it ideal for short overnight uses.

Advantage: compact and easy to use

Disadvantage: hard to get plentiful fuel and the fuel is expensive too

Liquid fuel stoves- When speaking about backpacking stoves for extremely cold weather, the name of this particular stove must be mentioned as the highly-refined white gas (aka naphtha) makes this one the most suitable one for cold temperature.

Advantage: Best suit for extreme cold weather

Disadvantage: the stoves are generally heavier than the other options

Alcohol stoves- This particular type of stove is another superior option of backpacking stoves.

Advantage: Alcohol is available even in the remote areas and not too much expensive.  Try to use high ethanol content alcohol instead of methanol that is somewhat noxious.

Disadvantage: using of this fuel can produce heavy soot depending upon the purity of the alcohol

Wood stoves- Wood stoves like solo stove is the best option for the ultra-weight light system and for long distance use.

Advantage: This stove can be distinguished than the other ones for its availability of the fuel, the fuel costs so cheap or nothing sometimes.
Disadvantage: Requires skill to burn it and needs constant attention for controlling the flame strength

Solid fuel stoves- These stoves are perfect for emergency use. The fuel tablets that are made of hexamine are compact.

Advantage: lightweight and easy-to-carry

Disadvantage: the fuel is quite expensive and not easily available

Fuels used in backpacking stoves

According to the application of the stoves and their models, different types of fuels are used in the stoves. The fuel that are used in the portable stoves are Butane, Propane, Petroleum spirits (known as benzine, benzoline, gasoline, naphtha, white spirit), unleaded automobile fuel, Alcohol, Kerosene, wood and chafing fuel such as ethanol, methanol and diethylene glycol), each of the fuels haves their own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why before purchasing a portable stove; you must have better knowledge for that which purpose it would be the best fit.

Cost of backpacking stoves

The cost of the backpacking stoves differs according to the model and design of the stoves. From cheap to expensive, you can get various ranges of backpacking stoves according to your own wish. Some particular type of stoves with better durability and much greater handiness may cost 100$ even. But this investment of yours will surely be a long-term investment as once you invest your money to buy the portable stoves, you will able to benefit from that for a long time, though proper maintenance of that is quite important.

Some essential points to use portable stoves in the right way

The weight of the stoves varies according to the types of the stoves. Big power burners that are used for snow melting may weight heavier but to make your journey more comfortable, it will better to choose the light-weight stoves. And to make the cooking process faster, it will be better to use smaller pots. There are stoves for group cooking also, so if you are traveling in a group, you can use those ones. Some particular stoves require priming before every use, that’s what to ensure your safety; you must have proper knowledge of priming. Hence, during the time of your journey from the next time, don’t forget to pack a portable stove in your bag to ensure your safety as sometimes it really become difficult to get sufficient food in the extreme cold weather.