Backpacking stove maintenance

stove maintenanceWho doesn’t love to go for a picnic with family or friends and enjoy cooking in the open environment? People of all age groups would love this wonderful idea when they are planning for some outing. It would be great fun to have your loved ones around you while cooking in your picnic. Carrying a stove is not less than carrying fire. So you need to be very careful while dealing with a stove. In order to make sure that everything is good with your stove you should make sure to get it checked up with a professional who can know even the tiny issues with the stove. Before you backpack the stove you should make sure whether everything is right with the stove and then pack it. You should even make sure that you always maintain it well by following the manuals guide that has been provided by the stove manufacturer. If you maintain the stove well the stove parts would last for a longer duration of time. Maintenance even includes the replacement of some of the small parts of your stove that wear off regularly based on your usage and cleaning process.

Usually the manufacturers of the stove ask you to go for the maintenance of the stove every year and if you don’t use your stove much frequently then it would be better to go for maintenance once in few years as well. When you are planning for maintenance of stove you need to make sure to do it with the maintenance kit that has been provided by the stove manufacturing company itself.

O- ring is the part that would commonly wear off over a period of time. So you should always keep the o-ring clean and neat so that it could last for a longer duration of time. Usually the manufacturer of stove would provide you with a lubricant and if you do not get it with the maintenance kit then you can use the petroleum jelly to clean and wipe the o- ring. This way you can protect the ring from getting dried and from developing cracks and can increase its life span.

The performance of the stove will improve if you can maintain it well and its duration will also increase a lot. So it would be better if you check for any kind of leakage or damage to your stove before and after packing the stove for any trip. When you examine the stove you should be able to understand whether you need to use the maintenance kit to keep the stove good in condition. And if you are going on a long trip you should even carry the maintenance kit of the stove to be on the safer side. Depending on your need you can even replace the fuel pump. This is a very important part of your stove and hence if this is damaged you might not be able to use the stove. So always keep an extra fuel pump.