Advantages of liquid fuel backpacking stove

liquid fuel backpacking stoveA backpacking stove is a small, lightweight portable stove that can be carried anywhere. Backpacking stoves are generally used for backpacking trips, camping, picnicking. So when you want to go for a trip you can easily carry them with you wherever you want. From icy mountains or to wild forests backpacking stove serves the purpose of healthy and delicious food everywhere. You can get out of having tasteless canned food if you carry a backpacking stove with you. It is an amazing device which is fuel efficient, small in size and not at all costly. There are many types of backpacking stoves. For example, integrated canister stoves, liquid fuel backpacking stoves, solid fuel stove .We will discuss the liquid fuel backpacking stove in this article.

Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are workhorses and are perfect for long trips. A liquid fuel backpacking stove is usually characterized by a fuel bottle with an integrated pump. With the help of a fuel line, a freestanding stove body is remotely connected to an integrated pump. They need occasional maintenance in order to give maximum performance. Liquid fuel backpacking stoves run on white gas, which is also known as naphtha or camp fuel. It is a highly refined fuel that burns exceptionally hot and leaves very few or almost no impurities behind. When we attach the fuel bottle, we pump it up to coerce the fuel inside. Because of this, the gas comes shooting out when we open the nozzle.


Advantages of liquid fuel backpacking devices

  • Works great in the cold:-Liquid fuel backpacking stoves perform really well at low temperatures, unlike canister stoves which face a problem. This in because the integrated pump in the liquid fuel backpacking stove permits us to create our own pressure and thus compensates for lower temperatures. Also, as the amount of gas in the canister drops the performance of the canister stove also decreases. And because we create our own pressure in the liquid stove we can maintain its performance consistently throughout the entire fuel bottle.
  • Fuel is inexpensive: – The fuel used in a liquid stove is inexpensive for a group using a liquid fuel backpacking stove. Canister stove fuels, on the other hand, are expensive.
  • Better design: – Liquid fuel backpacking stoves have a low profile design for a stable base.
  • Refillable:- Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are easily refillable. We just have the open the lid and pour more fuel in.
  • Easy to gauge fuel level:-In liquid fuel backpacking stoves, it is easy to check the fuel level. We just need to open the lid, check the level of fuel and then put the lid back on. Whereas in canisters, there is no way we can see the level of the fuel. We just have to guess how much fuel is left.
  • Multi fuel liquid stoves:- Some liquid fuel systems have multi fuel stoves which act as a great advantage. They have an ability to run on a variety of liquid fuels. They can burn kerosene, diesel, white gas (or naphtha) aviation fuel and much more. Because of this versatility of multi fuel liquid stove, it is preferred for trips to extremely rural areas and international places where white gas and canister are hard to come by.
  • More eco-friendly: Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are by nature more eco-friendly in terms of fuel source. Liquid fuel vessels are recyclable. So instead of throwing away metal canisters we can simply refill the liquid fuel bottle and use it for the next backpacking trip.
  • Easy availability of fuel for liquid stoves: Liquid fuel backpacking stoves are good for traveling. They are beneficial to take on international trips. Liquid fuel is mostly available in all places, unlike canister fuels.
  • Exact fuel measurements:-If we use liquid fuel backpacking stoves, we can bring along exactly the amount of fuel we think we will need for a trip. We don’t have to bring along another full can of fuel when the canister is getting is getting low. We can just bring the exact amount of fuel that we need. So when we are returning from the trip we still have a little fuel left.

Liquid fuel backpacking stoves offer us with so many advantages. So next time when you are going for a trip and want to buy a backpacking stove, do think of buying a liquid fuel backpacking stove.