About Me

Hi friends, Welcome to my blog. First of all a big thanks to you for visiting my blog and taking time out to know who I am and what for my blog is all about. .  Not to take much of your time I will keep the intro short. My name is Steve Cook, I am hardcore adventure freak who loves to travel and you can call me a perfect backpacker.

Travelling is my passion and I love discovering the beauty of mother earth in every possible way. I launched this blog with the mission to help other fellow backpackers like me with valuable tips to make their adventure trip even more adventurous and happening.  I love to blog on tips of finding the best backpacking stoves, cooking sets and many more other things. I share my reviews which I believe will be useful for other trekkers and campers. Food is one of key area of focus for a backpacker and they must know which type of stoves will be best to carry for which climatic location and for what purpose.

If You too being a backpacker have more views in this regard and what me to help you share it through my blog, then do not hesitate and get in touch with me through the contact page my blog.